Karatbars Overview - Gold Savings Account

Option 1 - SAVE GOLD


We all start here – complete the FREE registration for your gold savings account and start acquiring Karatbars Gold in small increments. Karatbars International offers a simple Gold Savings Plan, where you can acquire gold by the gram (even a 10th of a gram) instead of by the ounce. This makes it affordable for the masses. There are NO fees of any kind. The account is completely FREE and takes less than 5 minutes to register. Every time you acquire Karatbars Gold you are building your family’s wealth.  REMEMBER – there is NO buying, you are simply exchanging your paper currency (money that is a liability) for 999.9 fine physical gold (money that is an asset).  

Karatbars has made it easy by making available an optional feature called Auto Exchange. We call that, PAY OURSELF FIRST!  Setup your account to automatically exchange your paper currency for Karatbars Gold on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule. Simply set it and forget it! Activating this feature allows you to automatically PAY YOURSELF FIRST with physical GOLD.

Option 2 - SAVE AND EARN


As a Karatbar's independent affiliate/business partner, when you save gold for yourself by simply exchanging your paper currency for physical gold, and share with others how to do the same, you position yourself to be compensated monthly through Karatbars International’s  Unilevel System Compensation Plan. You are virtually in business for yourself in over 124 Countries!

Our Motto: Save a lot of gold, make a lot of money, tell a lot of people!



You may choose one of several ‘optional’ business packages which position you to generate cash-flow monthly and weekly, through Karatbar International’s Dual System Compensation plan. These business packages can be income producing assets.